Seasonal Malaise

Freud's-Last-WordsIt’s start and stop season again. And yet I have managed to post Card#24: Freud’s Last Words–Dreams follow the mouth. Some will note that these cannot be Freud’s actual last words, just as Darwin on his deathbed did not say “It’s all drag.” And some will add that the text is actually from Talmud. The reverse text will also be Talmudic: it is the wise and lovely story of the Rav who took a single dream to 24 interpreters and received 24 different readings. He told his students that “within me, each reading was realized.”

Remember: a dream that is not interpreted is like a letter that is unopened. But keep in mind that 9/10 of dream matter is dross–or is it 15/16?



December 6, 2015